Floor Heating Systems

Radiant floor heating systems are installed underneath your flooring and are an excellent way to heat your home. By using a floor heating system, your body will feel warmer at lower air temperatures allowing you to run your heating system less often and save money on utility bills. Anyone who has ever stepped on cold tile floor with bare feet knows the value and luxurious feel of heated floors.

Whether you need electrical floor heating mats, thermostats, cables or sensors, Go For floors has the solution for your floor heating needs. Electrical in-floor heating systems can easily be installed with your current electrical system and don’t require any ongoing maintenance. Radiant heat systems are also designed to have a low profile so you don’t add any extra height to the floor.

In addition to your new floor heating system, thermostats are recommended to optimize your comfort levels and to provide safety features. The thermostats are compact, easy to use and capable of enabling floor sensors to minimize unnecessary use.

Adding a floor heating system to your home is affordable, convenient and easy to use. Instead of heating the air around you, install a floor heating system to heat your floors directly and provide even warmth throughout your flooring. You and your family will never have to worry about cold feet ever again.