QuietWalk® Luxury Vinyl Underlayment

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  • QuietWalk® Luxury Vinyl Underlayment
  • QuietWalk® Luxury Vinyl Underlayment
  • QuietWalk® Luxury Vinyl Underlayment
  • QuietWalk® Luxury Vinyl Underlayment
  • QuietWalk® Luxury Vinyl Underlayment - Side Photo
  • QuietWalk® Luxury Vinyl Underlayment
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QuietWalk Luxury Vinyl is a 100 sq. ft. premium recycled fiber underlayment built for luxury vinyl plank, luxury vinyl tile and multi-layer flooring. Suited for both floating and glue down installations either in residential and commercial applications. Impressive sound ratings (providing exceptional through-the-floor and footfall noise protection) make this underlayment the ideal underlayment to be installed under LVT, LVF and MLF flooring; with STC rating of 62, IIC rating of 70 and Delta IIC of 28.

  • Fiber Underlayment specifically designed for floating and glue down luxury vinyl flooring including luxury vinyl plank, luxury vinyl tile, laminate floors, floating engineered wood, glue-down engineered wood, glue-down wood, Rigid Core Vinyl Plank, Wood/Plastic Composite and Multi-Layer Flooring
  • Thin, dense fibers to support all luxury vinyl and multilayer floors
  • Highest rated delta IIC rating of 28. The higher the number, the better the sound won't transfer from another room. The Delta IIC rating is the best rating to consider when comparing the performance of different types of underlayments.
  • IIC Sound rating of 70. The higher the number, the better the sound insulation. Measures of how much impact sound (walking, kids playing, etc.) is reduced after traveling through the floor covering, underlayment, and building structure and emergin in the room below.
  • STC Rating of 62. The higher the number, the better the sound is absorbed. The STC measures how much airborne sound (speech, TV, stereo, etc.) is reduced after traveling through the floor covering, underlayment, and building structure and emerging in the room below.
  • No VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) or off-gassing from materials
  • Provides additional comfort to the entire home during seasonal temperature changes
  • Recycled fibers allow installation over concrete to "breathe" - managing vapors from becoming bulk moisture. The attached vapor barrier protects the overlying floors from harmful moisture and alkalinity
  • A patented manufacturing process repurposes post-industrial and post-consumer materials into high-performance underlayment
  • Recycled fibers absorb sound and keep it from traveling to other rooms, makes click-together floating floors sound solid underfoot.
  • Treated with anti-microbial to inhibit mold and mildew growth.
  • Can be used with radiant heat flooring

Technical Data

Physical Properties Blended synthetic fibers and polyethylene film. Inert hot-melt adhesive.

Weight 9 lbs per 100 sq ft roll : 30 lbs per 360 sq ft roll
Thickness 1.4 mm
Density 18.28 lbs /ft3
WVTR 1.31lbs/1000ft2 /24 hour day
R-Value(@1.4mm) 0.34 hr-ft2-degF/Btu (5.75/ inch)
Antimicrobial Protection Yes

Sound Properties

Impact Sound Transmission

The method is designed to measure the impact sound transmission performance of a floor-ceiling assembly in a controlled laboratory environment.

IIC Flooring Sub-floor
70 5mm Vinyl Plank over a 6" concrete subfloor with a suspending ceiling
55 5mm WPC over a 6" concrete subfloor
50 2mm glued vinyl plank over a 6" concrete subfloor

Sound Transmission Loss

The sound-insulating property of a partition element is express in terms of the sound transmission loss.

STC Flooring Sub-floor
62 5mm Vinyl Plank over a 6" concrete subfloor with a suspending ceiling
50 2mm Glue Vinyl Plank over a 6" concrete subfloor

Delta Test

Tests the impact insulation difference between a bare concrete subfloor with no flooring materials and the same concrete subfloor with flooring and underlayment.

Delta IIC Flooring
Up to 28 QuietWalk Luxury Vinyl Underlayment under 5mm Vinyl Plank

Approved Substrates

  • Dry, completely cured concrete (at least 28 days old)
  • Concrete and masonry blocks
  • Cement backer units (CBU)
  • Cementitious screeds, leveling coats and mortar beds
  • Waterproofing and crack-isolation membranes
  • Double alyered exterior-grade plywood 1 1/4" (32 mm) total thickness, for residential floors and in dry areas only.
  • Cement terrazo floors
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Additional Information

For Use With:
Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring
Sq Ft Coverage:
Sq Ft Coverage:
Attached Vapor Barrier:
Compression Resistant:
Moisture Resistant:
Mold and Mildew Resistant:
Radiant Heat:
Unit of Measure:
1.5 mm
Installation Methods:
Floating, Double Glue Down
Recycled Fibers
Suitable for Subfloor:
All Subfloor Types
Suitable for Floors:
Luxury Vinyl, Rigid Core Vinyl, WPC & SPC
STC (Sound Transmission Control) Rating:
IIC (Impact Insulation Control) Rating:
Delta IIC Rating:
18.28 lbs / ft3
Water Vapor Transmission Rate:
1.31 lbs / 1000 sq ft / 24 hours
Roll Width:
3 ft.
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11 Reviews

  • 5
    Replaced my carpet with luxury vinyl

    Posted by David Price on 3rd Sep 2020

    I replaced my carpet with luxury vinyl. My home is on a concrete slab so I wanted padding and a moisture barrier. Did some research and seemed like this was the right one for me. Must have made a good choice because my floors are silent and feel great!

  • 5
    Worth the price to install

    Posted by Daniel Carter on 25th Jun 2020

    I redid my sons bedroom with Luxury Vinyl Plank (with no underlayment) last year. We loved look and feel of the planks. This year I decided to install them in the kitchen (with underlayment). I can definitely notice the sound difference. The floor with QuietWalk sounds much more solid, and when you're in the basement you can tell when someone is walking in the kitchen and when someone is walking in his room.

  • 5
    Thin tape strip

    Posted by Mary Lawton on 18th Jun 2020

    This underlayment has a thin tape strip pre-attached so you do not need anymore tape to form a seal. This also made walking on the floors result in no sound. I would buy this again and recommend it to anyone else doing a laminate or luxury vinyl plank installation.

  • 5
    Great Sound Reduction

    Posted by Daniel on 26th May 2020

    I replaced my old vinyl floor and used this underlayment for the new floor. The old floor didn't have underlayment and the difference is huge. The floors are noticeably more quiet.

  • 5
    Love QuietWalk!

    Posted by Jeremy on 21st May 2020

    I installed regular QuietWalk under my laminate flooring in my kitchen and loved it. I recently installed luxury vinyl plank in my sons bedroom and used this under. Performed great, and the flooring feels great.

  • 5
    Cut Easily

    Posted by Arthur on 21st Apr 2020

    Cut and laid out easily. Performed as I expected.

  • 5
    Really makes a difference

    Posted by Benjamin on 8th Apr 2020

    There is a noticeable difference between my old flooring with no underlayment and my current flooring with QuietWalk. I would definitely recommend this product.

  • 5
    Works with LifeProof Flooring

    Posted by Carrie E on 3rd Feb 2020

    We purchased LifeProof flooring from Home Depot and was contemplating of installing an underlayment. We choose QuietWalk luxury vinyl underlayment and couldn't be happier with out well it helped with sound.

  • 5
    Better than foam underlayment

    Posted by James Rowe on 31st Dec 2019

    I used to purchase the cheap foam rolls however after using QuietWalk LV, all I can say is WOW. This made our floor super quiet.

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