Sales Tax

Go For Floors does not collect sales tax in every state. All purchases made on Go For Floors website are subject to sales or use tax and are not exempt from sales or use tax in a state merely because it is made over the internet or by other remote means. Many states where product and delivery purchases are taxable require purchasers to 1) file the appropriate sales and use tax return or complete the appropriate section(s) on your annual income tax return, reporting all purchases that are taxable in the state and for which no tax was collected by the retailer and b) pay tax on those purchases. Additional information on sales and use tax reporting and payment requirements can be found on the Department of Revenue website for your state.

Why don't some of our competitors charge sales tax?

The Supreme court ruled on June 21, 2018 that internet-based transactions are no longer exempt from paying sales tax. If the company does not have the requirement to collect tax at the time of the sale, they are required by law to report the sale to the customer’s state and also provide annual purchase summaries to customers who did not pay sales tax at the time of sale. The customer would then be required to pay use tax when they file their annual tax return.

Customers are either charged sales tax at the time of sale or must report the non-taxed purchase on their annual personal tax return. Online merchants not in compliance with the new legislation are redirecting the liability of paying sales tax from their business, to the consumer directly. Go For Floors removes this liability of the customer by collecting at the time of sale.

For more information on Use Tax filing requirements for your state, please reference the information provided below or your states Department of Revenue website. Clicking on the state names will take you to the Department of Revenue page that is applicable for your state.

By providing your email address to Go For Floors at the time of order placement, you are in agreement to receive any Use Tax notifications required of Go For Floors, by the various state tax compliance departments.